Finding Problems and Providing REAL Solutions

Promising to solve your prospect’s problems is a powerful way to hook them, build trust, and share your class or product with them. But first, you have to know what they’re struggling with so you can create a solution (or position your solution) that meets their needs.

I’ll tell you what I’ve done over the years – I just write to them via email. I just send an email out, that says, “Are you struggling to write an email campaign? If so, what are your top 5 challenges? Just hit reply!” Then they hit reply and they tell me what their 5 challenges are, and then I can write again and ask them for more questions.

If 25 people write me back, and tell me 5 of their challenges, I’m going to have 125 challenges. Obviously, there’s going to be tons of overlap.

But, what do you think? Do you think I’m going to have a pretty good idea what people are looking for with their challenges with email campaigns?


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